Our philosophy has been to work with OEM suppliers who represent our values. Namely; honesty, open dialogue, fair pricing and excellent customer response. 

We can bring your parts to market in Canada and other territories through our extensive network of industry contacts and experience.

We can act as an agent or as a dealer for your parts. We specialize in premium, highly engineered parts from anilox rolls to press pallets. In all cases these parts are highly regarding by world leading equipment manufacturers.

We also recognize that sometimes you need a value-conscious part, which is why we offer press jackets, after-market parts of all kinds as well as repair and recovery services for many types of cylinders and rollers.

We also offer an enormous range consumables for all presses, from flexo to offset to web.

We can help with all aspects of the sale and transaction from sourcing to freight to customs and brokerage fees.

“ The face of the used Graphic Machine Industry has changed dramatically in recent years. There are new solutions needed, new ideas and a new breed of used machine dealer. ”


We know you have an excellent selection of used equipment dealers to work with, as well as direct channels. However, this can be time consuming and unreliable.

It’s in your best interests to work with a dealer who understands the equipment, knows the world market current conditions and can work with the best network to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Please contact us to discuss your surplus equipment and what you want to do with it. Note that we export all equipment out of Canada, so you won’t be competing against if after a sale is completed with us!

Over the next decade we expect to see a rapid change in industry parts expectations. Now is the right time to monetize your older equipment and re-purpose that capital.

Using geo-mapping and proven sales strategies we’ll bring your product to the attention of world-wide buyers. Combined with our dedication to traditional sales ethics and inventive strategies we’ll ensure you get a buyer for your equipment.

Expertise in many industries – specifically production ready equipment.

Our attention and focus to details on each order will ensure that you receive best market price for any given item.